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Dear Esprit Community,

As noted in our previous email, we went back to the drawing board and have made some revisions to our plan for opening. Our goal is to continue to be able to serve you for many years to come. Our focus is on risk management, not only for everyone’s physical safety, but also management of financial safety. Esprit Counseling is a small business and our hope is that we have created a plan that minimizes financial risk for the long term so that we can continue to provide top notch care for each of our clients as well as our therapists.


This email is long and contains a lot of information. We believe clear and transparent instructions are kind and our hopes are that it minimizes confusion and anxiety for you.

Esprit continues to follow all CDC guidelines to minimize the risk for COVID-19. Starting June 15th, each therapist will be allowed one day in the office per week to see clients. I will be starting to see clients in the office on Tuesdays (start date of June 16th). For now, there is specific criteria to be able to see me face to face. Please reach out to me if you believe you meet any of these criteria. These criteria include:

      • Clients with significant safety or privacy issues

      • Substance use concerns

      • Technology issues (can’t access phone or video resources easily)


If you will be seen by me in the Esprit offices, the following instructions will prove helpful for navigating your visit. Esprit will implement curbside check-in. When you arrive in the parking lot, please text your therapist that you have arrived. When she is ready, she will text you to let you know it is okay to come upstairs. She will then meet you in the waiting room and you will be asked to use the hand sanitizer provided.


You will be required to wear a mask during your visit to Esprit. We also ask that you honor social distancing indicators which have been marked on the floor.


During check-in, you will be asked to sign a new Informed Consent for COVID. Of specific things to note on this new form, is that you agree that you do not have any symptoms of COVID, that you have checked your temperature, and you understand the risks of coming to a public place during COVID.


You will also be asked to sign a Release of Information indicating that you are aware, that in the case of exposure from one of the therapists or another client, Esprit staff is required to notify local health authorities of the exposure. This could include sharing your name. Esprit strives for the highest standards of confidentiality but cannot guarantee confidentiality in this instance.


We are also asking, at this time, that you do not bring anyone to the appointment that is not required to be there. In the case of minors, one parent can attend. In the case of couples counseling, the significant other can attend. No children are allowed in the offices unless they are there for their own appointment. Esprit staff agrees to sanitize and regularly clean surfaces within the suite to help protect you.


Most client sessions will continue via phone or teletherapy sessions at this time. Esprit will follow the guidelines and recommendations for when to open more in-office hours. Our initial plan is to be able to do this as the number of new cases per day continues to decline for 2 weeks in a row.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions. You can also find these policies and forms on our website at and on our Facebook page Esprit Counseling and Consulting, starting on June 5th, 2020.




The Esprit Team

Kerrie Jo Larson

Direct Line: 920.486.5079

Fax: 920.243.0341

Jennifer Olkowski

Direct Line:  920.486.5087

Fax:  920.243.0340

Kathy Thome

Direct Line:  920.486.4288

Fax: 920.486.4287


Stephanie Ferguson

Direct Line:  920.521.7222

Fax:  920.521.7220


Hannah Episcopo

Direct Line:  920.486.4045

Fax:  920.486.4043




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