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Counselor Profile: Jennifer Olkowski; LPC, CSAC



Human beings are wired for struggle.  Yet, we live in a culture that tells us that if we are struggling, then we must be doing something wrong.  This myth is dangerous and flat out wrong.  Struggle is not a sign of failure.  Struggle is a natural outcome of living life.  But struggle can turn into misery.  This happens when we engage in behaviors that are destructive.  All behaviors serve a purpose.  Maybe the purpose is to avoid pain and discomfort or conflict.  Maybe the purpose is to avoid failure.  Perhaps, though, these behaviors are causing more harm than good?  Are these behaviors getting in the way of connection with others?  With yourself?  Is your life becoming smaller and smaller?

I want to help you reduce your struggle by helping you examine what is working and not working in your life at this time.  Our relationship will be about making space for you as you journey towards your authentic self.  Therapy is a safe space and judgment free zone.  Current and past clients have shared that I have an ability to see past the exterior we present to others.  Clients have also appreciated when I appropriately share my own struggles as a way to facilitate connection.  Therapy is about learning to live your best life through the exploration of the barriers that get in the way of doing so.

I am exceptionally trained in the areas of anxiety disorders and exposure/response prevention as well as shame resilience.  Shame resilience comes from knowing our triggers for shame and finding our support.  I am certified in The Daring Way, the methods created by author and researcher, Dr. Brene Brown.  I am also very skilled in Acceptance and Commitment therapy, which emphasizes reducing our struggle through acceptance, values clarification and committed action towards what matters to us.

I have been a therapist for 20 years and believe I improve in my skills as I learn from all of my clients.  I have a Masters in Community Counseling from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. 


Jennifer Olkowski; LPC, CSAC
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